Saturday, April 9, 2011


"You must, by the grace of God, do the thing you cannot do. It becomes possible- in the actual doing of it. And what you gain from the blood and sweat and tears is a kind of wisdom you can't get any other way... It helps to celebrate the hurdles you have crossed to get where you are- in order to face well the ones that are now in front of you. Wisdom is found along a path that is strewn with our own sets of fears and insecurities to be faced. We must do the thing we think we cannot do. It's in the doing that the strength comes." P.R.
I am finding that there is tremendous pain in doing this type of walk with Christ. It is painful walking with Him when I constantly get hit in the face, the legs, stepped on, and sometimes even have my heart pulled right out of my chest. But I am learning about this type of wisdom. Bring on the pain! Bring it! My Jesus can take it- and He is teaching me to take it too. The result is well worth it!

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