Friday, April 15, 2011


I caught a glimpse of Calvary today... in an unexpected place.

Through a very interesting series of events, the Lord brought me to a sister in Christ that needed my help. She was hit by a car and was bleeding pretty badly from a significant head injury. I ran over to her while she was lying in the parking lot. I assessed the situation, sat beside her and took care of her until she was put into the ambulance. We shared a very powerful moment- 2 strangers united together in the love of Christ. We talked about Jesus and His presence in the midst of scary times. She locked eyes with me and I saw something beautiful and trusting there. Praise God for moments like these. I thought about the blood on my hands and arms from her holding onto my arm tightly. I then thought about the blood of the Lamb spilled on our behalf...

This kind of love came at a great cost.
God gave me a gift today in letting me take part in His work and I spent the afternoon thinking about his grace and the price that was paid.

Brothers and sisters, let your soul throb with the lonely, gushing groans of Gethsemane. Having scars from death on Calvary, let go and experience the soft, sweet, gentle, restful, victorious, overflowing, and triumphant life that flows like a spring morning from an empty tomb. Experience the healing of a heart powerfully transformed into something glorious!
- adapted from June 11, Streams in the Desert

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  1. That was such a powerful story about the woman who got hit - let me know if you hear from her again.