Monday, April 11, 2011

"All That Night"

I am one of those women that reads 15 books at one time... a habit formed in college when I was taking waaay too many credits. While this might stress some of you out, I find comfort in learning different things from different people at different points along life's great and amazing journey. I'm thankful- because I came across this poem this morning and wanted to share it:
From Exodus 14:21 "All that night the LORD drove the sea back."

"All that night" the Lord was working,
Working in the tempest blast,
Working with the swelling current,
Flooding, flowing, free and fast.

"All that night" God's children waited-
Hearts, perhaps in agony-
With the enemy behind them,
And, in front, the cruel sea.

"All that night" seemed blacker darkness
Than they ever saw before,
Though the light of God's own presence
Near them was, and sheltered o'er.

"All that night" that weary vigil
Passed; the day at last did break,
And they saw that God was working
"All that night" a path to make.

"All that night," O child of sorrow,
Can you not your heartbreak stay?
Know your God in darkest midnight
Works, as well as in the day.
-From June 4 of Streams in the Desert

Some days are harder than others and the darkest midnight seems to last forever. When tasks seem too daunting, when we think we've been pushed to far and cannot take another step, when sinful behaviors keep replaying to the point where all hope seems lost, when death takes away those we love, and heartache sets in...
He is working... all that night. There is hope there. He gives us the ability to face our deepest and ugliest parts of our soul and makes a way for His Light to enter in.
Trust in the One True God- the one that parted the waters... the one that loves you desperately... and died to prove it.
He will get you through it.

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