Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life is a garden...

These are the days that I remember that the Lord is restoring all brokenness... IT IS SPRING! AND IT IS GLORIOUS! Some of the trees around the city are blooming, green grass everywhere, and my heart is joyful with the good news of Christ's soon return! I am going out later to landscape and pull some weeds for a friend. The beauty of today- life's garden- reminded me of Paula Rinehart. She wrote, "The heart is something of a garden that requires tending. Many things might have occasion to grow there. A root of bitterness is so potent it will invade other people's gardens, and worst of all, it will choke the grace of God in my life. I will miss what I want most. But bitterness, I suspect, grows in the dark- a sneaky kind of thing that takes over before you know what's happening. So I often find myself praying, "Lord, show me... show me the hard places in my heart where I have become even a little bitter." Lately, I feel as if Someone is pulling weeds. I'm thankful for little reminders of Christ's beautiful discipline of pulling out the dead and making room for life to flourish! Onward I go!!!

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