Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Secret Place

My heart has been heavy with a mix of sadness and eternal praise at the ever present teaching of the Father. I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on the goodness of the Lord especially in some difficult decisions that needed to be made. He is holding up my life with His beautiful reminders of His faithfulness. I wanted to share a song that has been on repeat throughout the evening. I hope it encourages you as it reminds us that our Father is always with us. Do not be afraid to do what He asks. There is freedom in obedience and deep trust in His wisdom. As Myla sings, "Your Savior is the Lord of love, the Mighty Dove. Sleep securely within His wings. He who counts the sands will never leave you. What peace His promise brings!" To listen to the whole song, go to

"The Secret Place" by The Outliers
Oh praise the Lamb!
Rejoice my heart!
I cannot die
Shall I tremble for the sharpest blade
It can only kill this broken vessel
I need not be afraid

For He hides me in the secret place
Hides me in His presence

The nations rage
Around my ears
Their kingdoms fall
He breaks their bows, shatters their spears
He breaks their hearts and breathes into them
The life of endless years

And hides them in the secret place
Hides them in His presence

Despair and fear
Twist and turn
Beneath my chest
Sorrow wraps me in blankets of snow
Whisper to my heart
Make me believe what I already know

And hide me in the secret place
Hide me in Your Presence

Your Savior is
The Lord of love
The Mighty Dove
Sleep securely within His wings
He who counts the sands will never leave you
What peace His promise brings

He hides you in the secret place
Hides you in His presence

(c) Myla Smith/Sweeter Green Music (ASCAP)

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